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Restless Leg Syndrome

How RLS and Varicose Veins Go Hand-in-Hand

Ever felt an uncomfortable sensation in your legs and have an irresistible urge to move them? Restless Leg Syndrome is fairly common, roughly 7-10% of the US population might struggle with it. Symptoms occur more often in the evening or at night when resting. Or possibly when sitting for long periods of time, like on an airplane. RLS can even cause disturbances in sleep.

There is a connection between those that suffer from restless leg syndrome and those that deal with varicose veins.

It has been shown that treatment for varicose veins actually provides relief for RLS as well.

Doctors feel that if you are struggling with restless leg syndrome, you should be evaluated for varicose veins. It’s quite possible that treating the one will help the other, which is a win-win for everyone!

Some symptoms of varicose veins are:
• Aching legs
• Pain
• Swollen ankles
• Throbbing legs
• Restless legs
• Feeling of heaviness in the legs
• Itching over the site of the vein
• Leg fatigue
• Ulcers

At The Vein Treatment Clinic of Tulsa, we use the VenaSeal closure system to tackle varicose veins. The goal of our treatment is to reduce or stop the backward flow of blood. This treatment will close off the diseased vein by delivering medical adhesive that permanently seals the vein, routing blood flow through healthier veins. Our safe and effective treatment will provide a drastic improvement in your quality of life.

This simple outpatient procedure has a quick recovery time and no need for compression stockings afterwards. Symptoms improve immediately when the diseased vein has been closed and many patients return to normal activity immediately after the procedure.

We aim to provide relief for those with varicose veins and it’s our goal to counteract this common health issue with comfort, efficiency, and care. Call The Vein Treatment Clinic of Tulsa today to SAY GOODBYE TO VARICOSE AND SPIDER VEINS.

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