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The goal of our treatment is to reduce or stop the backward flow of blood. At The Vein Treatment Clinic of Tulsa, our powerful VenaSeal treatment will close off the diseased vein by delivering medical adhesive that permanently seals the vein, routing blood flow through healthier veins. It only takes a small amount of a specially formulated medical adhesive to treat the diseased vein. Our safe and effective treatment will provide a drastic improvement in your quality of life. Your symptoms should improve as soon as the diseased vein is closed.

Once the VenaSeal adhesive is placed, your body will naturally create scar tissue around the adhesive over time to keep the vessel permanently closed. Most patients feel little, if any, pain during this outpatient procedure and report little-to-no-bruising. This procedure is also designed to reduce recovery time. Many patients return to normal activity immediately afterwards. Your doctor can help you determine when you can return to normal activity.

What you can expect:

Before the Procedure – You will have an ultrasound imaging exam of the leg that is to be treated. This exam is important for assessing the diseased superficial vein and planning the procedure.

During the Procedure – You may feel some minor sensations or stinging with a stick to numb the site where the doctor will access your vein. Once the area is numb, your doctor will insert the catheter into your leg. Ultrasound will be used during the procedure to guide and position the catheter. After treatment, the catheter is removed, and a small adhesive bandage is placed over the puncture site.

After the Procedure – You will be taken to the recovery area to rest, and your doctor will recommend follow-up care as needed.

The Vein Treatment Clinic of Tulsa will give you great care and comfort throughout treatment. Our friendly staff and providers will guide you through the process and be with you every step of the way.

We know vein disease is no walk in the park, and we want to help you LOOK GREAT IN 2023.

Because YOU CAN!

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